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  • Ghana Baby Names According to Days of the Week

    Ghanaian names are based on ethnic Akan names. Newly born children get their first name based on the day of the week on which the child is born. It is typical for a newborn child to be immediately called by the name associated with the day they were born before the parents give the child other names (Christian/English or other local names). The surname (last name) is typically the family name. Once the child is given a Christian/English name, the name based on the day of the week typically becomes the middle name. If no other name is given, then the day of the week name remains the first name.

    So, girl born on Wednesday can me immediately called Aku – by friends and family. If the parent decide on a Christian/English name, then Aku becomes the middle name. If no other names are given, then Aku remains the first name and the child takes on a surname (last name), which typically is the family name.

    Here are the Ghanaian names for boys and girls based on the day of the week and variations based on ethnicity.

    Ghanaian Baby Names by Day of the Week


    Monday: Kojo, Kwadwo, Jojo, Cudjoe, Kudjoe, Kodzo
    Tuesday: Kwabena, Ebo, Kobena, Kobina, Kobby
    Wednesday: Kwaku, Kweku, Kwiku, Korku
    Thursday: Yaw, Ekow, Yao, Yokow
    Friday: Kofi, Fiifi, Yoofi
    Saturday: Kwame, Ato, Atoapem, Kwamena, Komi, Kwami
    Sunday: Kwasi, Akwasi, Kwesi


    Monday: Adwoa, Adzo, Ajoba, Ejo, Adjoa
    Tuesday: Abenaa, Abla, Araba, Abina, Abra
    Wednesday: Akua, Akuba, Ekuwa, Kukuwa
    Thursday: Yaa, Aba, Ayawo, Yaaba, Yaayaa, Awo
    Friday: Afua, Afi, Afia, Efie, Efua
    Saturday: Ama, Amma, Foowa

    Source: Wikipedia

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